Federation embraces the opportunity to cultivate new relationships

To preface this report, it is incumbent upon me to state who we are: The National Federation of Republican Women is the umbrella organization for 50 states and various American territories. Our Alaska Federation of Republican Women (AFRW) and affiliated member clubs are chartered under the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW).   Membership renewals for this cycle began January 2017 and it saddens me to report that the following clubs’ leadership chose not to renew their membership, thus temporarily weakening the Federation in Alaska. The following clubs are now inactive: Anchorage Republican Women; Capital City Republican Women; Fairbanks Republican Women; North Pole Republican Women; and Sitka Republican Women.   While even the loss of one member, or member club is a sad occurrence, the Federation embraces the opportunity to cultivate new relationships and to keep the presence and contributions of Republican women vital to the success of our Party.   The Federation is actively seeking committed Republican women willing to re-activate these clubs. The primary requirement for membership or reactivation is a minimum of ten women willing to petition the AFRW and NFRW. In the interim, Republican women throughout the state without an active local club are welcomed to participate in grassroots Republican activism by becoming members of any one of the following affiliated clubs: Kenai Peninsula Republican Women; First City Republican Women; Matanuska Susitna Republican Women; or Midnight Sun Republican Women.   There have been inquiries made by women who have been left disenfranchised. I am pleased to share that a group of women have begun the process of re-establishing one, possibly two of the inactive clubs. Welcome and applause for their efforts. More to come! Note: Current governing bylaws may be found: akfrw.org/bylaws, nfrw.org/bylaws   Now, on a more positive note, AFRW would like to announce that our 2017 Biennial Convention will be held in locations on the Kenai Peninsula, April 21 and 22. Anyone who is acquainted with our ladies on the Peninsula know that this event will be great time for all. Alaska Federation of Republican Women and guests who wish to participate may contact one of the club presidents, AFRW or affiliated club Facebook or website.   Borrowing a page from our experiences from state and national Republican conventions, this year’s convention will feature several training workshops to help us be better, more effective, grassroots activists. Special thanks to this year’s centerpiece fundraising event Women on Target, a fire arms handling and live shooting event! Now everyone knows that Republican women are straight shooters, especially Alaska Republican women, come on out and let us show you how to shoot even straighter. I want to take this opportunity to express my/our gratitude to the Kenai Republican Women, lead by convention chair, Regina Daniels Davis, who have worked so diligently to make this upcoming convention a success.   In closing, as your Federation president, I am committed to our mission of promoting and advancing the Republican cause at all levels of service, from the first time campaign volunteer to elected official.   Should you have any questions about AFRW or our clubs please feel free to contact me directly.   Respectfully submitted, Pamela Raygor, President, AFRW  

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